In  Conclusion ?

Collage  by author - modified from various sources

In  Conclusion ?

​So then! ... What’s the conclusion,
From out of all this confusion?
What in the hell is the fuss all about?
As we begin to look back,
Fifty odd years down the track,
  Is it yet clear? Does there remain still some doubt? 

Then slowly peel back each layer,
Carefully look at each player,
Those who were used, all the users at play.
There are losers and winners,
Though winners are grinners,
Who reaped the benefits, way back then and today? 

French colonialism,
’Twas replaced by nationalism;
Confrontation meticulously timed.
Ike and Dulles set the scene,
Supported a corrupt Diem regime;
A puppet fuel pump, ready and primed. 

And meanwhile Australia,
Had fought rebel ‘Reds’ in Malaya;
Menzies beat that ‘anti-Communist can’.
As a good ally, or just a fool,
A more than willing war tool,
Fanning false fears of an invasion, his plan. 

The extreme Right’s investment,
In guns and military equipment,
Threatened, by any plans to withdraw.
And since billions were made,
From the heroin traffic trade,
The Mafia wanted an expansion of war.

Kennedy’s Administration,
Had caused bitter aggravation;
This new government had taken a stand.
With Civil Rights gaining power,
Cuban hatred rising, each hour,
   A murder conspiracy, therefore ’twas planned. 

So a ‘patsy’ rifleman picked,
Misfit Oswald chosen and tricked;
The assassination ’twas blamed on just one.
Like a king within his palace,
Gangster Ruby ruled in Dallas,
And silenced truth by a bullet from his gun. 

Such corruption endemic,
Became almost systemic,
And Lyndon Johnson towed the Mafia’s line.
Their ‘local boy’ on the take,
As a President, a bloody fake;
A decade of tragedy about to unwind.

More than just a mere suspicion,
A cover-up Commission;
A pre-conceived finding, ordered by L.B.J.
Organised crime unabated,
To him that never rated;
Sucked-in his people and his allies ‘all the way’. 

An escalation on false pretext,
Shots fired on the Maddox;
Half a million troops, with the war at its height.
Blood on both sides flowed like water,
In this meaningless slaughter;
Ten years of darkness, with no light in sight. 

And there then appeared one other,
The ‘crusader’s’ own brother,
Resuming the mantle, planning to lead.
Shot down by Sirhan Sirhan,
Supported by the underworld clan;
Hoffa and his Union a link to that deed.

Malcolm X and King it would seem,
Each had a vision, a great dream,
To end inequality and the Vietnam War.
By fighting ‘The Mob’ as a starter,
Each one became a dead martyr;
Enter ‘Tricky Dick’ who just gave us more.

An Indochinese poor nation,
Underwent total devastation;
Finally abandoned without promised aid.
Presidents Nixon and Ford,
Under Congress’s directives ignored;
The South Vietnamese in the end were betrayed. 

Yet, each of those ‘shirkers’ at home,
Can’t gloat and ‘sit fats’ on their throne,
Since at that time all of these facts weren’t revealed;
Like a mob of sheep being led,
Chanting slogans, rhetoric fed;
Perhaps as a smoke-screen, real motives concealed. 

Today, there’s wounded still dying,
And old parents still crying,
Whilst others justify or deny what took place;
And appear ignorantly sincere,
Having forged a career,
Yet, are unable to look you straight in the face. 

To them there aren’t any sinners,
And as winners stay grinners,
Accommodate their past, in the way they behave.
To them there’s no guilt nor shame,
And no one held up to blame;
In conclusion ... they’ll take that lie to their grave.


​     This poem outlines the political climate leading up to the Vietnam War and tries to rationalise some of the attitudes of those who have attempted to accommodate their ‘confused’ position on the subject. For those unfamiliar with the behind the scenes roles played by some of the characters in this poem, a recommended reading is David Scheim’s treatise, which is referenced below.     

                            “In 1930 [at college] Johnson became so deeply and widely mistrusted
                              by his classmates that they called him ‘Bull’ (short for ‘Bullshitter’) ... recorded
                              in his yearbook. Johnson’s incessant lying earned him the reputation
                              of being ... ‘the biggest liar on campus’.”

                        - The Years of Lyndon Johnson by Robert A. Caro, p. 44 and Atlantic Monthly, October, 1981. 

                        “Vietnam opened up fertile ground for the American Mafia. Attracted by
                          lucrative construction and service contracts, the mafioso concentrated on
                          ordinary graft and kickbacks at first, but later branched out into narcotics
                          smuggling as they built up their contacts in the heroin distribution network
                          ... [run by] ... Vietnamese Vice President Nguyen Cao Ky.”

         -  from The Mafia Killed President Kennedy by David Scheim, pp 331-332, W.H. Allen & Co., London,1988. 

                                      ♪♪ A young man from Boston ... set sail ... the New Front-ier,
                                          Though we watched the dream ... dead-end in Dallas,
                                          They buried Inn-o-cence that ye-a-r! …
                                          The dominoes tumbled ... and Big Business roared;
                                          Every night at six ... they showed the pict-ures,
                                          And counted up ... the scores! …
                                          I know it’s true ... Oh so true! …
                                          ’Cause I saw it ... on T.V. ♪♪

                                                                                   - from the song I Saw It On T.V. by John Fogerty.