Honour  Roll 

“Only the dead have seen the end of war!”  -  Plato



“Have you forgotten yet? 

Look down and swear, 

By the slain of the War ...  

That you will never forget!”      

-  Siegfried  Sassoon (on the Western Front, 1917)       


                          “What passing-bells for you who die in herds?

                                  Only the monstrous anger of the guns!

                                Only the stuttering rifles’ rattled words

                                   Can patter out your hasty orisons!” 

                                                                                                     -  Wilfred  Owen (on the Western Front, 1917)









  Farewell to Private Chris Clark, an Australian medic who was shot in the back

by a sniper whilst attending to a wounded mate in a dry creek bed, during a Viet Cong ambush.

- 8 January 1966 (Army Public Relations).



“Death can find nothing to expose in him that is not beautiful !”  -  Homer