Did  Jane  Fonda  Care ?

Lots of movie stars,
Driving fancy cars,
Each empowered with wide acclaim;
Some adopt a pose,
Getting up one’s nose,
Take advantage of their plastic fame.

Any popular cause,
Push environment laws,
Idle time on their hands to spare;
Many object to wars,
Receive applause,
So....did Jane Fonda really care?

A list of names,
Of atrocity claims,
Are well known, and have occurred;
Yet idealists lose sight,
Black’s not white,
Blaming one side is quite absurd.

Are we all fools?
War’s not Queensberry Rules!
Who are they who didn’t pay their share?
Protesting faces,
Others took their places,
Yet did Jane Fonda even care?

My Lai’s a sad shame,
Yet who’s to blame?
William Calley, me or you, or who?
With an army staffed,
By a non-shirking Draft,
Qualified leaders could’ve led in lieu.

Long Son Island too?
Now that’s just untrue!
A mere village search, ’cause I was there;
To women and children,
Medical aid ’twas given,
Yet did Jane Fonda even care?


In the middle of town,
‘Hanoi Hilton’ now down,
Partly demolished, in disguise;
I photographed old cells,
Of this hell of ‘hotels’,
The victors’ history is based on lies.

Although that site may hide,
Its dark past inside,
All ex-prisoners are well aware,
Of tortured starvation,
Solitary isolation,
Yet did Jane Fonda even care?

Espousing ideals,
They say time always heals,
Yet many can’t forgive what she had done;
At some other time,
’Twould’ve been viewed a crime,
An atrocious act, though she used no gun.

When Hue’s citadel fell,
Of that did she tell,
About 3,000 odd slaughtered there?
She paid no dues,
Reported no such news,
Some say Jane Fonda didn’t care!

And if she was so right,
Hanoi’s rule snow white,
Why the exodus from there that way?
Thousands of refugees,
From real atrocities,
Are still trying to escape today!

Their silence right now,
Is conspicuous somehow,
Don’t hear their ‘chantings’ being aired;
Idealists can cause,
More suffering in wars,
So...do you think Jane Fonda cared ?


                                  POW's in 'Hanoi Hilton'     (Internet source)                                                                           A defiant Jane Fonda under arrest (Internet source)

                            The 'Hanoi Hilton' being moderised - September 1997                       (Author's collection)                  Solitary confinement cells being demolished- 1997

​      During and after the Vietnam War, the Communists had their own version of the infamous Con Son prison (the latter being off the coast of Vung Tau). Theirs was located within the heart of their own capital city. It was nicknamed, by its western inmates, the ‘Hanoi Hilton’.
     The location of the prison was not far from the site where Jane Fonda, the American actress, had stood on top of a North Vietnamese armoured vehicle in support of her own county’s enemy. As she spoke and posed for the cameras, just down the road many of her captured American countrymen (including Senator John McCain) were being tortured and otherwise mal-treated in atrocious conditions (in contravention of basic standards set by the Geneva Convention). A mate and I visited the site in 1995 when it was in the process of being pulled down and obliterated from public view and scrutiny. 
     Jane Fonda, in recent years, has admitted she was wrong in what she did and has apologised to the thousands of veterans whom she insulted and betrayed.  Yet her ‘mea culpa’  is too little too late. Many just can’t forget … or forgive!   
        Nowdays we see her again protesting - this time over 'climate change' inaction - all excellent publicity.

     In Robert Timberg’s acclaimed book ‘The Nightingale’s Song’, one of the main non-fiction characters in it, Jim Webb, who had been a platoon commander during the Vietnam War, is informed by a reporter that Jane Fonda was in town. He was asked if he (Webb) had anything to say. Webb simply replied: “Jane Fonda can kiss my ass! I wouldn’t go across the street to watch her slit her wrist!”                  

Did  Jane  Fonda  Care ?