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Gypsy Ghosts: Flashbacks: Battle of Long Tan: Running on Empty: Who Killed Errol Noack?: Battle of Binh Ba: Just a 'Nasho': Nui Dat: Battle of Coral and Balmoral: Dien Bien Phu:  Old Warriors : Through a Tiger's Eyes :  Greed of Mankind :  Australian Dream :  Merry-Go-Round : Street Without Joy: Why?: Green 'Grunt' Machine: Raw War Recruits: Ranks: 'Hootchie' Homes: Company Cook: Aussie Army Issue: Platoon: In the Jungle: On Patrol: Hey God!...What About Me? 'Charlie': The Enemy: Monsoonal Rains: Boyhood Games and Heroes: 'Brass': 'Chairs Millionaires': 'Big Jack': Insects in the Sky: On Leave: Unlike the Movies: 'Xin Loi': Padre: 'The Horseshoe': Peasants of Vietnam: Body Count: The Medic: 'Shorty' or Dave: Known as VC: Ambush: Forward Scout: The 'Base Wallah': Beyond the Wire: Hills of Long Hai: But Still: Wolverton Mountain: Mayfair Theatre: 'The Fence': The Team: Phantoms of the Jungle: Tree-Top Flyer: Hearts and Minds: All the Way: 'Koala Bears': A Letter From Dad: I Just 'Wanna Be': Last Patrol: Tinges of Reds and Greens: Tunnel Rats: Duntroon Warriors: The 'Blowfly': A Just Reward: Membership Closed: Hunt for Fame and Glory: Claims: Debts We Owe: Coming Home: Fitting In: Fall of Saigon: A Matter of Attitude: Generation Gap: ANZAC Day: Memories: Return of a Tiger: Circus Quota of Clowns: I'll Sleep When I'm Dead: Who Wears the Cost?: Time: Ambush Near Hoi My: Hardest to Call: God, Queen and Country: Those Left Behind: On the Prowl: Those Early Days: From Down Under: Missing You: Deja Vu:  A New Brant of 'Vets': My Old 'Slur': Mates I Once Knew: Long Overdue: Saigon: The Grand Hotel: Cyclo Driver: Children of the Dust: Monkey On My Back: Minds Still Asleep: Broken Dreams in Dalat: Ha Long Bay: Autumn Waters: Dirty Hands: Did Jane Fonda Care?: At the R.A.P. : Just One Crowded Hour: Man On the Moon: Tiger's Lair: The Sally Man: Lucky country: Goin' Home: Keep Ya Hands Down: Sweet Revenge: Last April 25th: 'Chicken Hawks': Pacing the Cage: Chances: Australia Day: Just Names On a Wall: Unbridled Ambition: Old Soldiers' Games: Creepy Creatures: In Pubs and Clubs: Lepers in the Legend: Rust Never Sleeps: I Tried But I Don't: Tiger Cages: In Conclusion(?): Bring Them Home:  Remembrance Day: Honour Roll: Lest We Forget....Vietnam.


Historical Outline

Combat Casualties - Statistical Analysis

PTSD and the Vietnam War


Long Tan - Contact or Ambush? - An Analysis

Mines and 'The Fence'

Medals,  Bars and Ribbons